International Student Scholarship (ISS) program is a full grant provided by Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim for prospective international students who dream of getting new experience and feel the atmosphere, process, and quality of moderate-Islamic education in Indonesia.
The university’s education system is designed by integrating science and religion to enrich insights and spiritual experiences to be shared and brought back to their respective countries.
In the academic year 2023, Universitas Islam Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang offers scholarship programs for international students to study at the Bachelors (S1), Masters (S2), and Doctorate (S3) degree.

  • Strengthening cooperation between Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang and partner countries in religion, education, and culture.
  • Providing opportunities for international communities to experience living and studying at Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang.
  • Foreign Citizens (WNA) who at least have completed secondary school for Bachelor’s program applicant;
  • Foreign Citizens (WNA) who have obtained bachelor degree for Master’s program applicant;
  • Foreign Citizens (WNA) who have obtained Masters degree for Doctoral program applicant;
  • Having good results at the previous level of education;
  • Not dealing with legal issues.
  • Registration Fee
  • Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA)
  • Tuition Fees
  • Examination Fees
  • Student Housing

Disclaimer: ISS program year 2023 does not cover the living Cost.

2 Semesters Indonesian Language Preparation (BIPA) Program
8 Semesters for Bachelor Program
4 Semesters for Master Program
6 Semesters for Doctoral Program
Study Programs for Bachelor
1Islamic Education14English Literature
2Social Science Education15Psychology
3Elementary School Teacher Education16Management
4Arabic Language Education17Accounting
5Islamic Early Chilhood Education18Sharia Banking
6Management in Islamic Education19Mathematics
7English Language Education20Biology
8Mathematics Education21Chemistry
9Islamic Family Law22Physics
10Islamic Economic Law23Informatics Engineering
11Constitutional Law 24Architecture Engineering
12Al-Quran and Tafseer25Library and Information Science
13Arabic Language and Literature
Study Programs for Magister
1Management in Islamic Education7Sharia Economic
2Arabic Language Education8Mathematics Education
3Islamic Studies9Biology
4Elementary School Teacher Study10Psychology
5Islamic Education11Informatic Science
6Islamic Family Law12Arabic Language and Literature
Study Programs for Doctors
1Management in Islamic Education
2Arabic Language Education
3Islamic Education Based on Interdisciplinary Studies
4Islamic Family Law
5Sharia Economic
6Islamic Studies
General Requirements
  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Attach a copy of valid pasport/ID
  3. Attach a copy of the last diploma and transcript
  4. Send a recent formal photo (4 x 6 sized)
  5. Attach a curriculum vitae
  6. Motivation letter
  7. Reference/recommendation letter from Indonesian Embassy or Consulate
  8. Provide certificate of clearance from the authority of the origin country
  9. Attach a certificate of Arabic/English language proficiency
  10. Attach a certificate of Indonesian languaage proficiency (optional)

Note:  all the abovementioned documents must be translated into English or Indonesian

Special Requirements
  1. Applicants for Bachelor programs MUST NOT be older than 23 years old on April 1st, 2023;
  2. Applicants for Master programs MUST NOT be older than 35 years old on April 1st, 2023;
  3. Applicants for Doctorate programs MUST NOT be older than 45 years old on April 1st, 2023;
  4. Applicants for Doctoral programs MUST submit a dissertation/research proposal.

Selection Process

  1. Register at the
  2. Complete the registration form on the link provided;
  3. Attach the files specified in the requirements;
  4. Applicants receive proof of registration;
  5. Applicants take part in portfolio review and online interviews;
  6. The final selection results will be announced in the website (


  1. Comply with the Indonesian laws and regulations;
  2. Participate in all academic activities organized by Universitas Islam Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang;
  3. Obtain GPA of no less than 2.50 for two consecutive semesters at the taken study program;
  4. Complete the education in accordance with the time specified earlier (see DURATION);
  5. Participate in the Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) Program.


Sanctions are given to awardees in the following conditions:

  1. Summoned to collect information and given the First Warning Letter (SP1);
  2. If awardees violate/ignore the First Warning Letter (SP1), they will be given a further warning or a Second Warning Letter (SP2);
  3. If awardees violate/ignore the Second Warning Letter (SP2), the scholarship will be halted.